Monday, 4 April 2011

House Project

Ok, so I know it's been nearly a year since I last wrote an entry for this blog, but since entering the world of Mummy-land I've felt most of my blog posts are more relevant to Eden and so have been updating her own blog for a while instead, for her to read when she's older (although do feel free to read too if you're interested - here.)

Last Wednesday, after many ups and downs, high points and low points (right to the very end) we finally picked up the keys to our new house. It has been a long year waiting since we first put our house on the market.

Our new house is in a perfect location for us, being right next to the countryside and with allotments opposite the house. It does need a lot of work though, an ideal opportunity to keep a blog of our progress, as it happens over the next few weeks and months.

Having picked the keys up on Wednesday, Thursday was spent giving the kitchen, bathroom, windows, and whatever other space we could reach that wasn't taken up with boxes and furniture, a thorough clean. My Mum's friend Marion did a fantastic job cleaning the bathroom, which was filthy, and I was pleasantly surprised at the sparkling bath and wash basin that was revealed underneath the layer of grime! Luke finished the job of making the bathroom useable by fixing the loo seat. All that needs doing in there now (in time) will be painting/possibly tiling the walls and sealing the roof, one of the minor jobs to do in comparison to some of the others on our list.

Next thing we did last week was make the dining room toddler-safe. It's the only room in the house that has a carpet down, and will now act as our safe haven to put Eden in while we potter on jobs. She seems to quite like the room, it has all her toys in, and a lovely big window overlooking the back garden. If she stands on a Quality Street tin she can just about see outside over the window sill!

Our first major work was completed yesterday by Luke, he did a wonderful job boarding the loft, and we now have a huge space to fill for storage!

That's about all so far. This week is taken up by obtaining quotes for the next jobs on the to-do list - central heating, a new boiler and double glazing.

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