Saturday, 16 April 2011


It's been such a warm sunny day today, so we decided to press on with the front garden - getting rid of the weeds and levelling the ground. Without seeing any photos this may sound an easy task. However, as well as the usual dips and troughs that you would expect from an overgrown garden that hasn't been looked after, there was one huge mound right in the middle of the non-existent 'lawn'.

Luke set to work with the clippers (we didn't want to strim and spread dandelions and weeds into next door's garden), followed by turning over all the soil, the results are rather satisfying in terms of flattening the ground. It took all day, but actually this was quicker than what we were expecting it to take us.

While he was doing this, I potted up some Busy Lizzies, arranged our pot plants from our previous house outside under the living room window, and made a start at clearing the back garden. I read in a gardening book that when dealing with any overgrown garden it is always best to start at the back door and work your way out. Well this is what I did today, and I'm proud that I got as far as clearing the little slabbed patio area immediately outside the back door. This involved getting rid of the previous owners rubbish and rubble, removing weeds from the cracks between the slabs and cutting away at the endless branches of bramble (actually they weren't endless as I managed to clear them all from this section of the garden). Plus I did a bit of rearranging of our garden equipment to make it tidier.

All in all a productive day in the garden - we filled up a wheeley bin, a composter and a dustbin just with garden cuttings and weeds! Before and after photos to follow.....

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