Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Bitten by the sewing bug

Regular readers may remember the Advent Calendar Bunting that I made for my daughter back in September (which by the way was a BIG hit with her this December, but that's another story). It was made using a basic mini sewing machine that I picked up for £4 at a car boot in August, I was impressed with the results even though the project was a complete pain and took three times as long (at least) thanks to the sewing machine not coping well with the material. With this in mind, I've been on the hunt for a decent 'proper' sewing machine for the last few months.

Just before Christmas, I bought a Silver Crest one that was on offer from Lidl. I did my research beforehand and checked reviews, all of which were very positive. From the set-up to the sewing, I've found it easy and enjoyable - and this is coming from a COMPLETE sewing novice, I am well and truly a beginner, and like to learn by getting stuck in and doing. The Silver Crest sewing machine has 33 different stitches, and comes with various different 'feet' - so far I've used the basic foot and the zipper foot - it's easy to interchange them. 

I purchased just in time to make a few Christmas presents for family. Due to my lack of skills and knowledge in using a sewing machine, I was surprised at the results, which I felt were good enough to actually give as presents without being embarrassed about wobbly edging and the like showing me up! So here's a few piccies of my recent makes:

Cath Kidston-style knitting needle case

The zip using my new sewing machine

Owl doorstops and paperweight
And this is a Very Hungry Caterpillar baby playmat that I made for our new arrival in March - can't wait to use it!
VHC play mat

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