Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Mamatography: Week 1

2nd - 8th January 2012
I really love taking photos and capturing moments in time. It's a New Year, so I've signed up to take part in Diary of a First Child's Mamatography Challenge 2012. The aim is to take a photo everyday that represents something that happened in your day, and to post them up on the blog once a week. Sounds like fun, so I'm up for the challenge and looking forward to having a record in photos of daily life in 2012.

Here's Week 1 of my Mamatography challenge:

2/1/12 Iggle Piggle sadly lost his red blanket while out shopping today, Eden requested Mummy make  a green replacement.

3/1/12 Special birthday card made for Great Grandma

4/1/12 It may just look like a mess, but Eden spent a good 10 minutes 'organising' each item , placing it carefully exactly where it is on the carpet!

5/1/12 George, our kitten, had also been cuddled up next to Eden in this shot, but jumped off as soon as he saw the camera!

6/1/12 Finishing off a 'Happy New Year' painting started at the library's toddler session this morning

7/1/12 Some of the stash from our Ikea shop today

8/1/12 Finding the cats on Eden's bed - 'Bit naughty' as Eden would say!

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Luschka said...

Love your pictures! The birthday card is sooooo cute. My daughter picked up an Upsy-Daisy scarf a few days ago and was ELATED with her FIND... I felt sad for whoever lost it though!

African Babies Don't Cry said...

Lovely! How cute is iggle piggle! :)

Paige @ Baby Dust Diaries said...

Is that pumpkin seeds on the card? What a great idea. I love those jars, those are from IKEA? I really need to move closer to an IKEA!

Ponderings from the Kitchen said...

Thanks for the comments. @Paige - yes I dried some pumpkin seeds in the oven last October to use for craft, they stick really well! The jars are from Ikea - the smaller ones in the foreground hold 0.5L and are a bargain at 90p each, the larger one in the background holds 1L and is 99p!

melissa said...

Great photos! That art installation on the carpet is really quite impressive! Seems like something my daughter would do :)

@littleboo_21 said...

Pleased to see Iggle Piggle has a new blanket and i'm loving those jars

Alicia Crenshaw said...

Great pics! We love In the Night Garden, but it can be very hard to find any toys (let alone the show itself) here in the US! Glad Iggle Piggle has a wonderful person there to make him a new blanket.

And that card is very cool! I'm going to have to file the idea of using the seeds as owl feathers away in the 'crafting' area of my memory. It's a mess in there, but I know it won't get lost ;)