Monday, 2 March 2015

The Great Outdoors Week 9: 3 hours 50

Recently the kids have been LOUD at home, usually when they're inbetween activities, or we're getting ready to go out somewhere. It can be really stressful and headache-inducing when they're like this. While I'm sure it's completely normal behaviour developing into a bit of a habit at the moment, I'm also aware how great they respond to being outdoors, letting off steam, playing nicely together, enjoying each other's company and that this results in calmer, more settled behaviour at home. I'm so excited that the first signs of Spring are appearing. Clumps of bluebells, daffodils and tulips have sprouted up from the ground in our garden. I have lots of plans for us to spend the majority of our days outside once the better weather is here. I've got lots of fun memories of us spending time in the garden last summer, chilling out under our big sportsbrella, cooking on the gas BBQ, playing on the decking, in the tuff spot and the sand pit. It's a little tricky being out in the garden at the moment with our guide dog pup here, he wants to join in our play in the garden but the grass is taking a bit of a battering and needs time to recover!! 

I'm pleased with our total time outdoors last week, we had lots of sunshine, it's been the sunniest winter on record according to countryfile last night! I didn't take many photos this week, but this is a favourite, on our walk on Saturday there was a buzzard being mobbed by crows ahead of us, and this is Asher impersonating the crows "caw caw" :) 

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