Monday, 30 March 2015

Buying a trampoline and kinaesthetic learning

After many weeks of delay waiting for the delivery, our new trampoline for the garden finally arrived last week and we've begun assembling it. I'm sure the kids are going to love it, and spend a lot of time on it. So with this in mind we decided to go for a ground-level trampoline, perhaps more permanent, safer and more aesthetically pleasing than the more usual garden trampolines on the market. It's another reason to be outdoors, in the garden, keep fit and burn off excess energy and for Asher particularly, I think it will help his learning. 

Interestingly, I recently looked up learning styles, particularly kinaesthetic learning. Knowing that Asher is a do-er, right from the word go when as a newborn he was born strong and learnt to roll at 13 days old. Many of Asher's emerging interests as he moves into preschool age, fit with the kinaesthetic learning style. For example, kinaesthetic learners have good hand-eye coordination. Until a month or so ago, Asher had zero interest in sitting down with a crayon or pen. Then one week, all he wanted to do was colour. He sat for hours at a time carefully colouring in just one picture. His attention to detail and hand-eye coordination in his colouring was astounding for his age! These first pictures are now framed on his bedroom wall in pride of place. 

Kinaesthetic learners are good at sport. Asher has always hit his physical developmental milestones early and I want to encourage opportunities for him to continue to develop his gross motor skills. The trampoline will help here I'm sure. But more than this, I think we'll be able to use the trampoline to help in other areas of learning. Just a quick google and Pinterest search brings up lots of ideas for using movement and activity to teach literacy and maths skills. Quite literally, jumping into learning! 

Kinaesthetic learners learn through discovery, through doing and through using movement to enhance the learning process. I'm interested to see how Asher's home education develops as he gets older, and with us as his parents being the facilitators of his education, how we will go about helping him and optimising his learning. 
(Asher measures the depth of the pit below our trampoline)

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