Monday, 13 April 2015

The Great Outdoors: week 13-15, Easter, 31 hours

We've had a busy few weeks over the Easter period! There's been some really lovely spring weather, warm and sunny. We've installed a new trampoline in the garden, which the kids are loving! (So am I!) We've been away to a church event called Spring Harvest, held at Butlins Minehead. We took the scooters and spent lots of time outside and on the beach. I've had quite a bit of my freelance work keeping me busy, so the kids and Luke have been on their own adventures while I've been working. 
Spring bike rides:
First bounces on the trampoline (finished just before bedtime and going on holiday the next morning!)
Minehead beach:
Planting seeds:
Seed collages, making use of very old seeds that I found:
Finding bat boxes at a community gardens:
The cats enjoyed the sunshine too!

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