Saturday, 14 May 2011

Bit of a slow week

This past week we haven't done a lot on the house ourselves as we've just been waiting to get the central heating and double glazing sorted, which has been slow and frustrating at times! We've also had a carpenter in to replace the bottom 3 stairs that had split and were a bit dodgy underfoot. Luke's begun to put together the kitchen units, although we can't fix them in the kitchen until the gas people have finished. There's also been some minor adjustments needed to the electricity fittings we had placed a few weeks ago to meet standards.

This morning we ordered the remaining carpets, booked to be fitted this Wednesday. But before then we have the carpenter coming back to replace some of the floorboards broken from the gas work that had been done.

So all in all quite a frustrating week. On the plus side, Eden's played really well, and napped in the day, in her new bedroom. I've continued to dig the border in the back garden in anticipation for some more plants and vegetables. I kind of want it to be perennial plants along there but think we're going to have to make space for the tomatoes that I've grown from seed and will need planting out soon.

We're slowly getting there and we're hopefully on the home straight now.

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