Monday, 23 May 2011

The Start of a new week

Today I'm very excited that this is the first Monday, and the start of the first full week, living in our new house! Moving house is exciting anyway, but we've been waiting 7 weeks since relocating from Southampton, and a further year before that with our lives semi-on-hold (as much as we tried not to, it was inevitable to an extent).

Being a mostly stay at home Mum, or, 'Operations Manager of the Strickland Household' as I like to think of it, I have lots of plans for daily activities for Eden and I. There's the usual toddler groups to join, and new Mummies to meet in the area. I haven't managed to get along to any yet, with all the work on the house that I've been overseeing these past few weeks. Eden loves being outside and going to the play park, and so I'm looking forward to taking her there regularly when we have a free morning or afternoon. I've joined the local library too, which is another place that Eden and I will be visiting regularly.

I've missed my messy play activity times that I like doing with Eden at home and will be starting them up again this week with plenty of new ideas floating around of things we can do together. I think time at home is going to be really fun for us now that we're giving Eden a free-run of every room in the house. She can help me clean for a start! In our old house we couldn't let her run around upstairs or down, partly as it wasn't safe, and partly because we had constant house viewings and we just wouldn't have been able to contain the destruction she makes in every room!

I've really missed my slow cooker (!) and have been super organised this morning and planned our meals for the week ahead. We have a slight adjustment to Eden's daily routine in that we're planning to sit down together for our evening meals when Luke gets back from work at 6pm, rather than me giving Eden her own meal at 5ish everyday.

When Eden naps everyday over lunch I intend to use the time to build up my freelance business as a Dietitian/Sports Nutritionist. My work is really important to me and I want to dedicate more time to it now that we've relocated and settled.

And finally, I have the garden to work on - it'll be much easier for me to potter out there once the lawn's laid and Eden can play outside.

So lots of plans of things I want to do. I'm so thankful that we have our lovely new house and I'm looking forward to settling in and living life here.

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