Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Cardooo cards: Plenty of 'do' and lots of oooooo!

If you're looking for a greeting card that stands out from the crowd then Cardooo greeting cards are for you. When I first heard about Cardooo right away they sounded appealing - each card is packed full of entertainment in the form of stories/activities/quizzes/stickers. They are designed to aid literacy, numeracy and imaginative development in a fun and engaging way - all so important for our little ones. I looked forward to receiving some to review, and when they arrived I was expecting something good - but they are great! There's a lot packed into each card, and the majority (all except the cards containing crayons) will post anywhere in the UK with a standard first class stamp.

Cardooo generously sent us some samples from their extensive range of greetings cards. First we read the story card that we'd been sent - Rapunzel. It's well written, with both the story and pictures containing lots of detail. It's more than 'a card with a story' - it holds it's own as a story book, and is one I'll be keeping on the book shelf. Because of its compact form, it would also be great to pack when travelling as it takes up very little space and yet still offers a complete story. Pretty sure it got Eden's seal of approval as when we finished reading it she asked if it could be read again! 

Their Christmas activity card had so much for Eden to do! These would be perfect to send as Christmas cards at the start of the festive season. 

Eden loved the sticker page! 
Throughout the card there's cute little envelopes with mini-cards to write
Eden said the envelopes were her favourite bit
We had a lot of fun with this card and it offers great value for money at £3.50

With Christmas just around the corner, why not have a browse of Cardooo's Christmas range? It contains four fun-filled types of card for you to choose from:

4 Christmas Activity cards with stickers, games and mini-envelopes:  http://www.cardooo.com/seasonal/christmas-cards

1 Christmas Advent card with a surprise within (not chocolate!): http://www.cardooo.com/seasonal/advent-calendar-cards

4 Christmas Story cards with beautifully illustrated Christmassy stories: http://www.cardooo.com/seasonal/christmas-story-cards

6 Christmas Calendar cards perfect for all your friends which fold out in to a desktop calendar for 2014: http://www.cardooo.com/seasonal/christmas-calendar-cards

I'm super-impressed with Cardooo, the cards offer great value for money, and something different to your standard greeting card, these ones will certainly stand out amongst the crowd on the mantelpiece! You can browse their range and order from their online shop on their website here

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