Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Re-purposed drinking straw card craft

I hate waste, so in our craft scraps box we have an abundance of plastic drinking straws that I cannot bring myself to throw away. Of course I'd much prefer to be using reusable drinking straws, but unfortunately we found that they don't wash well after milky drinks. I'm always on the lookout for craft activities that we can use our drinking straws for, and have a few crafts lined up for closer to Christmas. Today however, we had a spontaneous cutting, glueing and sticking moment and I love the results that Eden came up with - all her own idea and work! 

First she made a line of glue and told me it was a flower

She snipped off segments of drinking straw to stick onto the glue
And here's her finished flower! It looks great, and I'm so proud that it was entirely her own creation with no direction. I reckon with a little input we could make some beautiful designs together - perfect for developing creativity and using up all those old drinking straws! 

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