Monday, 11 November 2013

Junk model spider

This morning we did some junk modelling to create a spider - originally we'd planned to make an autumny owl - but with the materials we used it soon became apparent that our 'owl' was going to look much more like a spider. Eden made it all herself, apart from me cutting the sticky tape for the legs. The paper plate was leftover from a painting session over the summer - the colours are so vibrant on it that I couldn't bring myself to throw it away. We used jam jar lids, milk bottle tops, googley eyes, and used but cleaned drinking straws. 

We've done lots of counting today - spider legs, number line, new (to us) building blocks and stickle bricks from ebay. Asher (20 months) is really picking up on this, and joins us in counting with his own version of counting to 10, which is very cute to hear! Eden's really interested in numbers at the moment - she's asking me to use a clock so that she knows when 10 minutes is up (in baking today), asks me to time her by counting while she goes upstairs, uses numbers to link with people's ages, and points out numbers on road signs. 

Back to the spider.. Here's our finished result :) 

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