Friday, 10 June 2011

Ice Cube Painting

This activity with Eden was a lot of fun, and not very messy! I actually came across the idea from another blogger (Share and Remember blog) - you can see her ice cube painting here. However, instead of using material, I thought we'd give ice cube painting on canvas a try.

The materials are simple - an ice cube tray, some water-soluble paint (I used finger paint), some form of covering for the floor (I used a shower curtain) and a blank canvas frame (I discovered these are sold in my local pound shop and love them for the price of 99p each!).

I made up 25-50% mix of paint to added water for each cube. They looked very pretty!

I put them in a small tub to keep them tidy while painting:

Eden thought they were really colourful and spent a while just admiring them before getting 'stuck in'.

 The end result needed to dry outside. Once dry, I think we'll add some handprints to finish it off :)

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