Thursday, 30 June 2011

An odd thing happened today...

A delivery man (non-uniformed and driving a plain white van) knocked on my door and said 'Do you want a bed love?' It was a very strange moment, to which I answered, confused 'A bed?'. 'Yes I've got one in the van - I've brought too many out for delivery'. I must've been looking at him like he had 2 heads when I replied 'I really don't understand'. He explained he wanted to sell a bed in the back of his van, having delivered one to the house opposite. I politely refused, and he then asked if I knew anyone else locally who'd like it instead. Very odd. And highly suspicious. The most annoying thing was that it was right in the middle of Eden's nap, and woke her up. We'd had a really busy morning at toddler group and she would've had a 3 hour nap at lunchtime. Instead it was cut short, she only had an hour, and I had a grumpy toddler for an extra long afternoon - not even a trip to the Zoo cheered her up.    

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