Friday, 10 June 2011

Pizza Making with an 18-mth old?

At the start of every week we plan our meals, not only does it help with budgeting as we can bulk shop and therefore avoid having to buy last minute ingredients from the corner shop, but it also means we eat a lot better and healthier as we (I!) can be more prepared every afternoon/evening with the cooking. Friday night is our pizza night, but this week we thought we'd have a go at home-made pizza (well, nearly home-made - I bought the pizza base).

I was a little dubious at letting Eden 'help' me make pizza, as I thought she wouldn't understand about putting the toppings on and just want to eat it all there and then, resulting in a meltdown. She surprised me by sprinkling the toppings on the pizza and only snuck a little nibble on some olives and chorizo!

 The pizzas before going into the oven:

Watching them cook 'Mmmmmmm' :

Needless to say, Eden loved her evening meal!

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