Sunday, 26 June 2011

Transformation of the mass of weeds!

The front garden of our new house is really starting to take shape!
When we bought our house nearly 3 months ago, the front garden was an overgrown mass of weeds, with a big mound of earth right in the middle, it remains a mystery what it actually was!
Before shot when we bought the house
The house needed so much work, but we felt we couldn't just leave the front garden the way it was so it was one of the first 'projects' we set our hands to. Within a couple of weeks we'd completely dug over most of the area, removing as many weeds as we could, ordered some turf and had a new lawn which just painted a much nicer impression of the garden, and the house as a whole.

New lawn laid
A couple of weeks ago we covered our borders, which had remained overgrown with weeds, with cardboard boxes from the move in order to supress the weeds. Then just last week, somebody offered 30 bags of topsoil on freecycle. It was in great condition with practically no weeds, and we used 19 bags to cover the cardboard boxes.
Fresh topsoil on the borders from Freecycle
Today, we visited Cypress Nursery near our house to pick up some plants for the borders. I'm a big fan of yellows, oranges and reds and we came away with 5 plants. A gerbera, 2 dahlias, a gazania and a 'coreopsis grandiflora sunray' - not sure what it's 'normal' name is!

After a visit to my parents this evening for dinner, we dug up some self-seeding yellow poppies and penstemons. 
The plants in our side border
Finally, we have 4 roses lining the front boundary border - 2 are from Cypress Nursery, one is from Gardener's World that we went to last week, and one was a gift from my parents-in-law when Eden was born.

The roses lining the front border
All in all, we're very pleased with the transformation of our front garden!   

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