Thursday, 2 June 2011

Painting Flowers

A messy play week wouldn't be complete without a painting session, so today we got the fingerpaints out. In keeping with our 'HANDS' theme of the week, Eden used her hands to make the flowers. You may have seen earlier in the week that I wrote about how Eden has never been very good at handprints, and just got frustrated when we've tried handprinting sessions in the past. Well this week's theme certainly seems to have paid off along with the learning of her new word and gesture 'Splat!' yesterday. Today's handprint session was not only a success for a little person but also very fun! Amongst the random squidges, we made 2 'proper' paintings - one of which now has pride of place on our kitchen fridge, the other we are going to send as a surprise to a family member - so family members if you're reading it could be you! The idea for today's session was actually taken from another SAHM's blog - she has some great ideas and you can read her blog here

This ends our messy play week because tomorrow we're off camping. I have to say, we've never done as much messy play in such a short space of time, nor had a 'theme' for the week - but both have been a big success - I really feel like Eden's learnt from the process, she's learnt more about her hands and what she can do with them, and she's grown in confidence in her abilities and independence. I will definitely be keeping it up in future weeks, now to think up some more themes....

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